Certified Scrum Master® in Combination with CSPO (English)

22. Jun 2020
25. Jun 2020
2340,00 EUR (zzgl. MwSt.)


You want to set new impulses with Scrum? You want to know, how Scrum works, and how it will help you to become more productive? You want to start with a new Scrum project, or you want to improve an existing Scrum installation? You want to find out more about backgrounds, and principles of Scrum? You want to get certified by Scrum Alliance? Our training to become a Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Product Owner is exactly right for you!

We offer the CSM & CSPO course with Early Bird price € 2.340,- (excl. VAT) save € 200,- !

Main course language is English.



Course Contents

  • Introduction to Scrum, What is Scrum?
  • Agile values, principles and ways of thinking
  • Scrum Framework: Responsibility of roles, tasks, meetings, artifacts
  • From Scrum Vision to the first Sprint Planning
  • Retrospectives as a part of a continuous improvement process
  • Meaning of the Product Backlog
  • Self-organization in the team
  • Scrum Flow: Scrum Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum tools and techniques
  • Role and responsibilities of the Scrum Master
    • Agile values and Agile principles
    • Scrum framework: Responsibility of roles, tasks, meetings etc.
    • Agile, Scrum and how Product Ownership really works
    • The personality of the Product Owner
    • Empathy as a tool for capturing Requirements
    • Scrum Flow, Scrum Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective
    • Meaning and Management of Product Backlog
    • Definition of responsibility for the product
    • Writing User Stories incl. Agile Requirements Engineering
    • The role and importance of the customer
    • The position of the Product Owner in companies
    • Agile Planning: Vision, Release Planning, Sprint Planning
    • Tracking progress and visions
    • Business Value Game to illustrate Agile Concepts

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