Methods - Our Training

Whether it's an agile transition or software development, our methods are based on agility. But why did we choose agile methods?

The most important arguments from the customer's point of view are:

  • Transparency - You know at any time what status your project has and how much to do.
  • Easier Planning - By breaking up projects into small units (iterations, sprints), you can plan more accurately, extrapolate releases, and better control them.
  • Customer Centered – Technology is a means to an end. What is important is that the best benefit, the highest value, is generated from the customer's point of view.
  • Adaptability - Whether fixed price or time & material, or an agile contract basis, the project can be adapted continuously to changing circumstances.

Therefore, we prefer agile methods, practices and agile principles for the benefit of our clients. A few of these agile methods, practices, and principles we work for are: